Connection international Ministries Apostle Chuck B. Douglas

[Core Values]

- G.od, Jesus & the Holy Spirit FIRST

- O.nly Excellence Will Do!

- A.lways Be an Accountable Team Player

- L.ove Unconditionally

- S.alvation Focused

[Core Vision] To Connect to GOD! To Connect to HIS People! That HIS house may be filled!

[Core BHAG]Become a ministry that save or rededicates over 100,000 people annually by 2025!

[Core Mission]Our Mission, here at CONNECTION INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES, is to set the captive free by CONNECTING and equipping our Community, Families and Youth, developing interpersonal skills and basic life skills through education and training for the Glory of God.

And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out in the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in (them to connect), that my house may be filled” Luke 14:23

Our Values & Vision