Each week, it takes Team Members at Connection International Ministries (CIM) to make what we do here possible.  There are a multitude of ways that you can connect with us to serve our community and the people of Connection International Ministries (CIM). You are uniquely gifted, and we have an opportunity just for you!

We’d love for you to join our team. Here are several key areas where you can serve.


  1. Ark Nursery: Children aged 0-5 years old.
  2. Youth Group: Children aged 6-11 years old.
  3. Teen Church: Children aged 12-17 years old.


  1. MUSIC: Vocalist and Instrumentalists (by audition only)
  2. TECHNICAL: Audio, Video, Lighting, Stage Crew
  3. VIDEO: Live Video Production Team & Weekly Video Annoucements
  4. DANCE: Fire Starters (12+ years) and Youth Starters (6-11 years).


  1. Correctional Ministry
  2. Christmas Connect!
  3. Virtuous Connection
  4. Diamonds & Pearls "Training Girls to Become Christ-Filled Women"
  5. Connect 2 Manhood "Teaching Boys to Become Christ-Minded Men"


  1. Parking
  2. Door Greeters
  3. Hug Greeters
  4. Ushers
  5. Security


  1. Intercessory Prayer
  2. Facility Maintenance, Housekeeping
  3. Health Ministry
  4. Hospitality Ministry
  5. Bookstore Sales
  6. Finance Team
  7. New Members Instructor

CONTACT INFORMATION:  To explore serving on a team, please complete the below.

4331 Brownsville Road

Powder Springs, GA 30127 (Directions)

Wednesday, 7:00pm (EST)

Sunday,11:00am (EST)

Serve On a Team